Do you understand?

Culture is not your friend [McKenna]. Free your brain from the shackles of culture.

We’re alone… floating on a rock that’s orbiting a spherical fire and we don’t know why.

Plato allegory of the cave applies to psychedelic drugs. See firsthand through the felt presence of direct experience what they’re about before you trust the universe of shadows. Sure there’s always risks, but there’s risks in everything. mountain climbing is a risk, but when someone falls to their death no one goes and blames the mountain… [thanks White]

Happiness is a selfish goal.. it isn’t the goal. Happiness is a state of mind no better than sadness or boredom.

All we ever feel is empathy? Even when we feel pain it’s empathy. Because we’re not in pain. We’re the observer watching this creature go on living and failing and succeeding and we empathize with this creature. But it is empathy. we are not the creature. We are the observer. That’s why the same parts of the brain activate when observing other people do things as when we do things. Because in both cases we are merely observers.

I feel Jupiter’s ache from his red spot.

Nothing exists except me.


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