Not all drugs are made equal

There really is an urgent need to distinguish between escapist chemicals, whose original and medical purpose is to tranquilize and sedate, such as heroin, benzodiazepines, and even alcohol, and the mind-expanding substances such as LSD, psilocybin, salvia, and DMT. Until that distinction is made, people will continue to perceive the crimes and deaths caused by the former as dangers of the entire spectrum of drugs. It doesn’t take a Nobel laureate to see that the message widely gained from psychedelic use is that of peace, unity, and love. A look back at the recent history of the 60s and 70s will show that the anti-war movement was driven by the same people who were experimenting with psychedelics. The media used this as nothing more than a tactic to suppress chemicals that had the potential to give birth to a population that speaks up demanding change. Media is a neotenizing force that has successfully subdued our imagination of potential possibilities.  We were waking up and getting off the hamster wheel, frightening authorities in the process. It’s much easier to control and manipulate people when they are in an alcohol-induced stupor. I’m not saying the government does this deliberately with intent, but it is a manifestation of its intentions and goals, as a sort of governmental subconscious desire.

And so caffeine continues to be sold to turn us into more productive cogwheels and make us jittery with anxiousness. Alcohol to dull our senses and brains when it all gets too much. They have designed a fenced playground of substances for us to play with, but they closed us off from the swing-set and the slides and left us in here with knives and artillery.


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