This Isn’t A Gem (why don’t we capitalize the A?)

Sprouting ores
and occasionally a fine gem

my c key doesn’t work
cause i spilled a drink on my keyboard
Bukowski was right
everything burns
being unable to capitalize the letter c
without stealing someone elses’ capitalized c
it burns like the hot edge of a pan
that you accidentally touch
making a french toast sandwich

having to copy and paste a c
using the mouse
because ctrl-c requires the c key.

you forget to turn off the gas
a fact you neglect to realize
while enjoying your french toast
just the perfect amount of butter
and cheese

almost good enough to make you
forget you’ll have to wash the pan.
a cigarette out of the pack
that wonderful post-meal cigarette
you flick your lighter

an apartment burning
it spreads slowly
to the other units
then faster
as the tenants die inhaling too much smoke
I thank god I smoke


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