The breeze hurts my soul

I want to be surrounded by people
without the pain of loneliness
Without the anger of a rape victim
I feel raped
when people walk past me

I want to walk in public
without getting pissed
at the breeze
people send at me
when they walk past

I want to hate feminists
but I can’t
because I’m half feminist
and half misogynist

I hate the people
that walk past me
And the breeze
they send at me

But I love the cat
that sleeps on my lap
as I type this

Am I a loser
That’s not a good noun
Am I alone
That’s better
But it’s an adjective

I want to be in public
and alone
An empty coffee shop
after a zombie apocalypse

An empty supermarket
after a nuclear attack

I want to be alone
but in public.


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