Why people commit suicide

What drives a man to suicide

it’s not a cheating wife

it’s not the death of a family member

it’s not the loss of faith

in humanity

or in god

it’s not any deep personal or philosophical reason

It’s the mild toothache that drives him

the last straw

the browned chip in a bag of chips

it’s the last time he forgot his keys

it’s the last electricity bill that he can’t afford

Suicide is the smallest suffering

that falls upon the heaviest man’s pile.

A falling feather that sets on a mountain.

Suicide is the heat of a summer day

in an uninsulated apartment.

Suicide is finding out the milk is spoiled

after pouring a bowl of cereal.

And suicide is the dishes being all dirty

with no money to eat out.

It’s not the tragedies that drive a man to suicide

it’s the minor inconveniences and


The late paycheck

and the cat that ignores you

even though it’s the only love you’ve got.


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