What Causes Social Anxiety and Why It Will Get Better As You Get Older.


The answer is cortisol.

If you’re socially anxious, your body is trigger happy when it comes to releasing cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. If we were still living in the East African Rift Valley, cortisol might have saved your life and increased your chances of propagating your trigger happy genes. That’s why social anxiety is rampant today despite the fact that it stifles your chances of reproducing in the modern age of medicine and longevity.

There’s good news, though. As I stated before, if you experience social anxiety, your body is producing too much cortisol. But excessive exposure causes your tissues to become resistance to the hormone over time. Sort of like how a drug addict needs more of a drug to feel the same effects. This means that, when you get older, the amount of cortisol your body releases in social situations will no longer be enough to trigger the anxiety you feel.

So if you have crippling social anxiety, take heart. It only gets better from here.


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